Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Men in Black II
July 3, 2002
89 min
United States (English)

Directed by Barry Sonnenfeld
Written by Robert Gordon and Barry Fanaro

If you've seen "Men in Black" you've seen what "Men in Black II" can only hope to be again and falls short in trying.

Our world is yet again threatened when Kylothian queen (Lara Flynn Boyle in human form) lands on Earth and seeks for the Light of Zartha. Despite the foreign terms the film's plot is pretty simple to follow, mainly because it is basically the same rehashed plot of the first film. It is up the Men in Black to rescue their fellow oblivious Earthlings. Agent J (Will Smith) is on the job, the only problem is he needs a partner. Agent K (Tommy Lee Jones) retired at the end of the first movie (belated spoiler alert), but during his legendary career with the agency he dealt with this crowd before. What follows is a pretty amusing scene where Agent J has to re-recruit Agent K who is now civilized and working at a post office.

The "Twilight Zone" inspired faux-TV show used from the start to deliver the exposition is clever and it shows up again with a fun scene with David Cross. Besides these moments there is not a lot of novel enjoyment to be had. Boyle has fun playing the villain but Johnny Knoxville as her two-headed idiotic sidekick is as stupid as it sounds. Aliens come and go without much threat or significance. The absurd yet not-so-humorous misadventures along the way drag things even further. The film's (anti)climax is even weaker than the first. Rosario Dawson adds her pretty face to the scenery, but the potential romance between her and Agent J comes from nowhere and returns from whence it came. Unless you are absolutely craving to see some new alien designs, because Rick Baker and his talented team return, you can absolutely afford to miss out on this sigh of a sequel.


CONTENT: crude humor and some sci-fi violence

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