Monday, June 11, 2012



This Week
  • Americano*
  • Extraterrestrial* / 83%
  • Rock of Ages / 33%
  • Something From Nothing: The Art of Rap*
  • That's My Boy
  • The Tortured* / 13%
  • Woman in the Fifth* / 75%
  • Your Sister's Sister / 100%

Last Week
  • Bel Ami* / 30%
  • Dark Horse* / 76%
  • For the Love of Money* 0%
  • Lola Versus* / 41%
  • Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted / 76%
  • Peace, Love, & Misunderstanding* / 29%
  • Prometheus / 74%
  • Safety Not Guaranteed* / 89%

* = limited release


  • Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance / 16%
  • The Gold Rush / 100%
  • Good Deeds / 32%
  • Harold and Maude CC / 85%
  • In Darkness / 90%
  • A Little Bit of Heaven / 4%
  • Shallow Grave CC / 72%
  • Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows / 61%

CC = Criterion Collection
% from Rotten Tomatoes

* * *


Clocking in at just over thirty seconds, the trailer for "Extraterrestrial" has me extremely intrigued. Spanish writer/director Nacho Vigalondo is being called "the Woody Allen of science-fiction," but we don't really see much to support that claim. We see some of the alien invasion the morning Julio wakes up from his one night stand with Julia, though it becomes clear that her ex-boyfriend might be more of a threat. This will receive a very limited release on June 15th.

Jennifer Garner and Joel Edgarton play parents who cannot seem to conceive a child and so they grow one. "The Odd Life of Timothy Green" is a family fantasy film that showers us with an "it's okay to be different" message. On top of that this appears to be yet another plot summary trailer. Writer/director Peter Hedges ("What's Eating Gilbert Grape?" and "Dan in Real Life") plants this seed in theaters everywhere on August 15th.

"Wreck-It Ralph" recently made the top ten list of films I'm most looking forward to for the last half of the year. From Disney Animation comes the story of Wreck-It Ralph, a popular arcade game character who is sick and tired of playing the bad guy. So he leaves his game and enters another. Think "Roger Rabbit" meets "Tron." Dorkly, a site for gamers, commented, "Movies based on videogames always suck, so maybe making one up will help.” (For more on this topic see "And the Random" below.) Fun cameos and dazzling visuals are a plus, but it is this novel concept that is pulling me into theaters on November 2nd.

Remember the memorable plane crash on the onset of "Cast Away"? Well, director Robert Zemeckis will likely top his own with "Flight." iTunes is calling this thing an action-packed mystery thriller as well as a drama. The trailer is very intriguing as well. Denzel Washington is responsible for a miraculous landing after the commercial airline he pilots heads for the ground. The gist of the film takes place during the aftermath where we see how he deals with celebrity status from some and speculation by others. There is something this trailer is not telling us and that is great advertising. November 2nd if you want to know more.

Yeehaw all ya want, I reckon it's prime time for the Trailer Round-Up Awards!

The Head-Scracther:

Yet another trailer for "The Expendables 2" has been unleashed upon our senses. This time around we hear an array of one-liners from the action stars of yesterday and today. A painfully CGI plane is hard to forget among the snippets of their warfare. The first film was not received particularly well and I have a sinking feeling this will follow suite. August 17th if you care.

Lasso of the Week:

Speaking of the films I'm most looking forward to this year, last week the trailer for Quentin Tarantino's "Django Unchained" set the internet ablaze as film geeks marveled at what looks to be an exceptionally fun time in theaters this Christmas. Jamie Foxx (a freed slave) and Christoph Waltz (a bounty hunter) embark on a quest to free Django's wife from the infamous Brittle Brothers. Expect an expertly photographed (Robert Richardson is on the job), cleverly written, and uniquely action-packed Western. This is Tarantino's follow-up to the bloody brilliance of "Inglourious Basterds," our expectations are high. Also, what a fabulous selection of music to sell the trailer!

* * *


Check out this retro fan-made take on last weekend's big release. Everything here calls attention from our eyes making for a very alluring poster. The 3D and Cinemascope icons look so right among the clutter. And how about that face creeping in from the back?

Here's an actual poster used in the "Prometheus" ad campaign. One astronaut sheds light on something big... It creates the ideal feel for this IMAX event film. It's minimalist and marvelous.

* * *


In honor of "Prometheus" here are Total Film's "15 Greatest 'Alien' Moments" (specifically about the "Alien" film series).

PopMatters ranks "The 10 Best Films By Ridley Scott." What is your favorite?

Screen Crush discloses their "10 Best Movies of 2012." I still haven't seen half of these, but strongly approve of the ones I have.

Gizmodo has a list of over 500 full-length movies that you and I can stream for free!

* * *


With each passing day we get closer to December (or as I like to call it, The Month of the Hobbit). To hold us LOTR-geeks over until then they've released another production diary!

"The Secret World of Arrietty" is one of the best films of the year. I was so happy to finally be able to see a Studio Ghibli film in theaters. As it turns out, that will not be a rarity. "From Up on Poppy Hill" will be distributed in the States next March! (Source: Variety)

"Tangled" was a huge success for Disney Animation. The team's first CGI musical since that tale will be "Frozen" (not to be confused with the somewhat worthwhile horror film). This is an adaptation of the Hans Christian Anderson story, "The Snow Queen." Idina Menzel (of "Wicked" fame) will lend her voice to the Snow Queen herself. More interesting is that Robert Lopez, who helped write the music for "The Book of Mormon" musical on Broadyway will be taking care of the songs. Look for it on November 17th, 2013. (Source: The Film Stage)

* * *


There's a blog called "Roger Ebert's Worst Reviews" entirely dedicated to slamming certain critiques from the king of film criticism. Guess how I found out about it... a Rober Ebert tweet. He himself admits some of these are not so good.

* * *


To celebrate last week's E3 (the biggest week for gamers), considered on "The Good and Bad of Video Game Adaptations," though I really don't think any of these could be considered good...

Here's Scott Mendelson with his weekly "Weekend Box Office." "Madagascar 3" actually came in at number one over "Prometheus"!  

 * * *


If you saw "Prometheus" over the weekend you also saw one of the best performances of the year so far in Micchael Fassbender's Dave, an android. Slate put out a pretty interesting post about other robot performances (good and bad).

Keeping on with this zeitgeist-of-a-motion-picture you should check out the newest edition of "Spoilers," the movie love fest hosted by Kevin Smith. Not only is their subject "Prometheus," but they have screenwriter Damon Lindelof as a guest.

There's a line in "Prometheus" about God not building in straight lines. Slate has a rebuttal to this.

* * *


Here's a fun re-cut of "Men in Black 3" given a Wes Anderson makeover. Especially funny if you've seen the trailer for "Moonrise Kingdom."

* * *

* * *

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