Monday, May 14, 2012



This Week
  • Battleship / 45%
  • Beyond the Black Rainbow*
  • The Dictator / 72%
  • Hysteria*
  • Lovely Molly*
  • Quill: The Life of a Guide Dog* / 67%
  • The Samaritan / 44%
  • What To Expect When You're Expecting / 20%

Last Week
  • The Cup* / 27%
  • Dark Shadows / 42%
  • Girl in Progress* / 29%
  • God Bless America* / 66%
  • Hick* / 0%
  • The Road* / 71%
  • Tonight You're Mine* / 38%
  • Where Do We Go Now?* / 46%

* = limited release


  • Being John Malkovich CC / 92%
  • Chronicle / 85%
  • The Devil Inside / 7%
  • The Grey / 78%
  • One For the Money / 2%
  • Rampart / 76%

CC = Criterion Collection
% from Rotten Tomatoes

* * *


I've never seen or heard of "Love in the Puff," but here's the sequel, "Love in the Buff." (No, this isn't a joke.) My fiancee tells me these are pretty popular in China, I can see the appeal, especially for the rising generation. Jimmy and Cherie (from the first movie) meet once again and even though they are both in other relationships, they cannot forget or resist. This is a series to catch up with if your interest is piqued.

Matthew McConaughey, who is having quite the year, is "Killer Joe." This is a new thriller from the director of " The Exorcist" about a group of siblings (including a Film Tome favorite, Thomas Haden Church) that hire a crazy and corrupt Dallas cop, who moonlights as a hitman, to take out their mom so they can collect her life insurance. This is definitely mature subject matter and it looks like it doesn't shy away from showing us any of the gritty details. This film has been slapped with an NC-17 rating so it will be somewhat difficult to seek out if you desire. "Killer Joe" hits select cities on July 27th.

Oscar-nominated "A Cat in Paris," a French animated film, is getting an American release this summer. It has a unique style and some dark tones even though it is about a pet cat that lives a double life. It is too bad that this is getting an English dub. Regardless, I am curious, but you know what they say about curiosity... See it in select cities on June 1st. 

"Gangster Squad" looks bloody great! From the director of "Zombieland" (one heck of a romp!) comes a post-WW2 cop vs. mob picture set in the City of Angels ("L.A. Noire" anyone?). Based on the true story of mob boss Mickey Cohen (Sean Penn) whose reach and influence was making him king of the Western United States. A group of LAPD officers (including Josh Brolin and Ryan Gosling) are tasked with shutting Cohen down for good, but their going to have to play by the rules of the street if they want to stand a chance. Emma Stone, Michael Pena, Nick Nolte, Anthony Mackie, and Giovanni Rigsbi co-star as well. I would put "Gangster Squad" on my calender right now if we had a date, instead they've left our tongues hanging out with, "Coming Soon." One complaint, lose the modern hip-hop please! Let's keep this in 1949 all the way.

Keep that brandy handy, I reckon it's prime time for the Trailer Round-Up Awards!

Sick Cow:

Bailee Madison, the ever-sulking star from the floundering "Don't Be Afraid of the Dark," stars in "Cowgirls n' Angels." From the star-spangled title cards to the sappy story, this is clearly not a film for someone of my sentiments.  The country music didn't help either. And just wait for the actor round-up where they just stare... The award Sick Cow has never been more fitting.

The Head-Scratcher:

Will Ferrell punches babies in the trailer for "The Campaign" opposite Zach Galifianakis. Ferrell plays Cam Brady, a small town politician that appears to be a stereotype of Mitt Romney mixed with Rick Perry. Galifianakis plays Marty Huggins, an airhead who steps up to compete against Brady. There are some genuine chuckles here, but the genuine groans far out way it. August 10th will tell for sure, but I'm not holding my breath.

Lasso of the Week:

Ben Affleck is back with his third directorial effort. Of course, he stars in the film as well. "Argo" tells the true story of American hostages in Iran and the covert operation (involving faking a sci-fi movie shoot!) to rescue them. Bryan Cranston ("Breaking Bad"), Alan Arkin, and John Goodman co-star in what looks to be one of the most promising films of this already impressive year. Before this comes out I definitely want to go back and catch up with "Gone Baby Gone," Affleck's directorial debut. See it on October 12th.

* * *


Need some tips? Check out "100 Pieces of Advice From Movies." Everything from "The Princess Bride" to "Lost in Translation" is deemed quote-worthy.

In honor of "The Avengers" Vulture lists the "12 Best and Worst Space Portals in Film."

Rotten Tomatoes has "Five Favorite Films with John Cusack" who played Edgar Allen Poe in the recent horror film, "The Raven."

Film School Rejects has determined "The 10 Greatest Movies According to the Internet." What do you think of the list and ranking thereon? The number one should not surprise me, but it kind of does. If anything it restores my faith in the cinephiles online. /Film shares their reaction to the list.

* * *


TMZ has photos of Ashton Kutcher as Steve Jobs for the upcoming biopic about the former Apple CEO.

* * *


No big surprise here, Disney CEO announces "The Avengers 2." The film has already grossed over a billion dollars and even set a record for the highest second weekend (here's Scott Mendleson's box office analysis). What's most assuring is that film is actually exceptionally excellent. I just hope Joss Whedon stays involved. (Source: /Film)

Matt Singer, now of Criticwire, discusses "The Pleasures of Movie Marathons."

Criterion informed me that The Korean Film Archive has just launched a YouTube channel and uploaded over 70 feature films (with subtitles!) for free viewing!

* * *


Ross Douthat of The New York Times talks about "The Avengers" in his article, "When Good Movies are Bad News."

* * *


Here's the jury for this year's Festival de Cannes. (Source: The Hollywood Reporter)

Neil Marshal, director of "The Descent" (one of the finest horror films in recent years), is helming "Last Voyage of the Demeter." The only reason this is not under The Good is that the script is penned by the same fellow who delivered "Season of the Witch"... (Source: The Hollywood Reporter)

 * * *


"The Raid: Redemption" still may be the best film I have seen this year and is surely one of the best strictly action films of all-time. Check out Claycat's version of the Indonesian tour de force. (Warning: This is about as bloody and violent as claymation can get.)

Flickchart's blog talks about "The Cinematic Summer of 1982": "E.T.," "Blade Runner," and "The Thing"... What a year!

Here's something randomly cool. A Facebook timelime of Mark Zuckerberg as portrayed by Jesse Eisenberg in "The Social Network." (Source: Before the Trailer)

Sources say it would cost $160 billion dollars to repair all the damages in New York City as seen in "The Avengers"... Holy smokes! Luckily, the movie cost slightly less than that to make, but may make that much in the box office. (Source: Gizmodo)

This is a couple months old now, but did you see the Lego trailer for "The Dark Knight Rises"? Keep in mind this is the film's second trailer, not the third and best that I covered in last week's issue.

* * *

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