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Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale
December 3, 2010
84 min
Finland (Finnish)

Written and Directed by Jalmari Helander

"Rare Exports" is a unique import. This contribution to foreign cinema is a welcome and clever piece of fantasy horror that'll put a smile on your face after it scares you a bit.

Do you know the true story of Santa Clause? A monstrous beast that tears naughty children limb from limb... so you better be nice! That is precisely what young Pietari comes to realize one Christmas Eve. He lives with his butcher father in the Finnish mountains where this Santa myth is local lore. Along with a friend from town he spies a mysterious foreigner excavating something from the peak above his house. Pietari's father relies on the yearly wrangling of reindeer to make a profit in the harsh season. When the potential harvest turns up massacred, they want answers. There is something in the air that ain't jolly.
Splendidly shot indoors and outdoors in Finland, here's a Christmas tale that is both funny and genuinely creepy. I would almost recommend it for the whole family if it weren't making Santa into such a beast. The whimsical charm of it all, not to mention it clocks in at under an 90 minutes, makes this one I strongly recommend.


CONTENT: brief male nudity, some language, brief bloody violence

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