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The Cabin in the Woods
April 13, 2012
95 min
United States (English)

Directed by Drew Goddard

Written by Joss Whedon and Drew Goddard

"The Cabin in the Woods" is a refreshing entry to a growing-stale genre. This piece of meta-horror is garnering status of an "instant classic," mostly deservingly so.

Last Friday (Friday the 13th, how fitting!) we got the eagerly anticipated release of "The Cabin in the Woods," the directorial debut from Drew Goddard. He has been on my radar since he penned the story for "Cloverfield," one of the coolest, geekiest films in recent years. Well, now he has done it again.

I am going to keep my words short. This film is particular sensitive to spoilers and I am still working on brevity in my critiques. (I plan on having an Analysis post on the film soon where I will delve into what I now keep secret.) "The Cabin in the Woods" follows five teens (on the verge of adulthood) who retreat to the film's namesake for a weekend of partying and promising promiscuity. How clichéd? Exactly. The film is largely meant to be an exercise is deconstructing the horror genre. It succeeds with several moments of brilliance. If such films have fascinated, thrilled, or even annoyed you in the past, I strongly urge you to seek this out. Even if horror is not your thing, you will find plenty of creativity to provoke your thoughts herein. That said, you will appreciate the film most if you come to it with an experience is such film narratives. (Good places to start? "Cabin Fever," "The Descent," "The Hills Have Eyes," "Evil Dead.")

"The Cabin in the Woods" also tries to be a bit of a horror film itself and here it does not succeed as well. Mainly because it is rarely scary. Perhaps it does not need to. The dual narratives work so well together that what the film lacks is scares it makes up for it laughs and inventiveness. The constant hype this film was receiving prior to wide release pushed me to see it opening day. While it may not have lived up to every hope I had, it delivered it multiple ways I had heretofore never imagined. Where this film goes is nothing short of sensational. I see this film living long in the halls of cinema. We will ask ourselves of future horror offerings if they pass "The Cabin in the Woods" test. It is that good, mostly in concept, but also largely in execution.


CONTENT: strong bloody violence, sexuality, brief nudity, strong language

Updated 9/12/12

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