Sunday, February 26, 2012


9:33 PM
All right folks, here we go! Tom Cruise is going to announce the Best Picture winner! What an awesome compilation (set to music from "Moneyball"). Nine good to great films from one of the best years in film ever. And the winner is... "The Artist." See it! Good night folks.

9:25 PM
The ladies here all pay attention when Firth takes the stage. He won last year for "The King's Speech." Who is gonna take this one? Davis or Streep? Streep! I predicted such last night. What a legacy embodied in one woman. What an actress!

9:22 PM
Yet another Ellen DeGeneres commercial...

9:17 PM
Natalie Portman (last year's winner) announcing the Best Actor nominees. I love how this part slows down, honors, and shows us scenes. We can really breathe before this important award. Jean Dujardin Very tough choice. Could have gone to any of them.

9:13 PM
More actors talking about movies. Edward Norton FTW.

9:09 PM
"In Memorium": Sidney Lumet :(

8:51 PM
Michael Douglas presenting Best Director. Just now thinking how Malick surely isn't here. Nice tributes to these skilled filmmakers. Michel H. wins for "The Artisit." Obviously, I preferred Terrence Malick.

8:45 PM
Another two Bridesmaids. "The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore," the only one I've seen, wins. Check out yesterday's "The Film Tome Report" for a link.

8:42 PM
And then there were two Bridesmaids... "Saving Face" wins Short Documentary. How does one ever go about seeing these?

8:39 PM
The Bridesmaids are here with an innuendo-filled bit to announce Live Action Short Film. "The Shore."

8:31 PM
HERZOG!!! More actors/filmmakers talking about the movies they make. Sacha Baron Cohen's bit is pretty funny.

8:29 PM
Jolie is still around, Original Screenplay. Woody Allen, of course, not in attendance. Seriously, he should have shown up.

8:26 PM
Jolie (and her leg) presenting Best Adapted Screenplay. Everyone watching with me agrees she is far too skinny. Alexander Payne wins for "The Descendants." These are my favorite presentations because they show a scene with the script overlaid. Wish that was an option on more movies.

8:18 PM
"Man or Muppet" wins Best Song. Tough competition. Will Ferrell and Zach G. had a blast (no pun intended) presenting.

8:12 PM
Crystal really is having a blast. I must have missed something. What's up with the gigantic sheet music book? Oh, best Original Score. Duh. "The Artist" takes home the gold. Bource had such an entertaining and dramatic score, but I think Williams had two better.

8:10 PM
Billy Crystal having some fun telling us what some of the biggest names are thinking. Brad and Angelina, Clooney, Scorsese, and that dog from "The Artist."

7:58 PM
Melissa Leo presenting Best Supporting Actor, loved her in last year's "The Fighter." Christopher Plummer takes it for "Beginners." The general consensus proved so. At 82 he's the oldest actor to win an Oscar. Billy Crystal is watching...

7:55 PM
Emma Stone and Ben Stiller announcing nominees for Visual Effects. Stone is an actress, even here. Jonah Hill hits a well-played response. "Hugo" again! Such a stunning film. Best 3D I have ever seen? Probably.

7:47 PM
Chris Rock about to announce Best Animated Feature. I'm calling this... "Rango"! I absolutely loved it. "Rango." Yup. Ah, love that Zimmer soundtrack. Not the best animated film I saw that year though... "The Adventures of Tintin" seriously snubbed. Still, "Rango" is one of the year's best. See it.

7:44 PM
"Undefeated" takes home Best Documentary. Where's P. Diddy? First bleeped F-word of the night? I really need to see this one (and all the other nominees).

7:41 PM
Robert Downey Jr. doing something weird...

7:40 PM
Billy Crystal making fun of actors older than him (Max von Sydow and Christopher Plummer), actors that are getting better work than him.

7:38 PM
Kermit and Miss Piggy (Mrs. Kermit) introduce Cirque Du Soliel number. The theme? What it's like to go to the movies.

7:28 PM
"Hugo" again! Sound Mixing. They're showing the train crash sequence.

7:26 PM
Sound Editing goes to "Hugo." Good clock ticks, right?

7:24 PM
"The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" takes home Film Editing. I want it to be edited a lot more before I sit down and watch it...

7: 23 PM
"The Wizard of Oz" focus group skit was enjoyable. I'd like to see more where that came from.

7:12 PM
Another "no surprise." Octavia Spencer takes home Best Supporting Actress. She was a powerhouse in that nice little film.

7:08 PM
Shocker of the night: "The Separation" takes home Best Foreign Language Picture. Important speech regarding its country of origin. Still need to see this one. Badly.

7:01 PM
Loving this collage of actors describing their love for movies and reasons they started acting.

6:58 PM
"The Iron Lady" takes Best Makeup. Haven't seen it, but the segments they're showing with an old Streep... immensely impressive. "J. Edgar" not even nominated?

6:55 PM
First Oscar for "The Artist": Costume Design. Love the movie, but its competitors might have had a tougher job than recreating classic Hollywood.

6:45 PM
"Hugo" also takes home Art Direction. Going along with the last award, it was a fabulous-looking film. Thought it would go to "The Artist." Felt it should go to "War Horse."

6:43 PM
"Hugo" takes home Best Cinematography. Robert Richardson takes home a well-deserved Oscar. He's been doing some amazing work with Tarantino for years, about time he gets recognized.. I thought for sure it was going to Lubezki for "The Tree of Life," which I would've chosen.

6:41 PM
Crystal is finishing a rousing, melody-turning opening song. The audience (esp. Marty Scorsese) seemed to enjoy it. Odes to all the Best Picture nominations.

6:37 PM
Fun intro. Classic Crystal inserting himself into various films. Clooney kisses Crystal in "The Descandents" riff. Every women (and surely some men) watch in envy. I especially like Crystal as Tintin. To bad "The Tree of Life" didn't get more than a film strip whooshing by.

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