Monday, January 30, 2012


Image of the Day: Awwww! Cutest Darth and Luke ever hug it out

Yes, yet another addition to The Film Tome. This follows the "picture of the day" (though rarely is it a daily thing) I've implemented in AllMoPs and The Video Game Tome. It's simple, I post a picture (film-related in this case), provide the source (because it will likely not be an original picture from me), and then comment on it. As with everything I post, it will be best if you also add your thoughts and comments below.

Now, about this first Cinepix...

Obviously it's cute (perhaps in a cheesy or even cloy way). Some "Star Wars" fanatics might even think it downright sacrilegious. Me? I find it an interesting alternate reality on one of the saddest (when you really think about) father-son relationships in film. Last year I revealed my "Top Ten Father-Son Relationships," I made mention of the Darth Vader / Luke Skywalker dynamic on display in "Episode(s) V" and "VI." I struggle over what to title this one. Forgiveness? Love conquers all? In the end I decided to keep it simply, "Hug." Lastly, gotta say I dig the crayon element. Those imperfect lightsabers lay dwindling and forgotten. Father and son are no longer dueling.

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