Tuesday, January 24, 2012

BEST OF 2011?

Dearest Film Tome Travelers,

I hope the new year is going well for y'all thus far. It is always a fun time during the award season for those who weren't able to see everything in theaters (due to time, money, and of course, location) to catch up with last year's most acclaimed titles. Earlier today the Oscar nominations were announced in a press conference, which ruffled some feathers as always. Still, it lists several films that people should know about if they don't already.

It is fitting that around this time I ask what you thought the best film of the year was. I have done this to the left where the current poll is up and running, asking folks that very question. I gave ten choices (ten films that I've seen in a lot of "best of 2011" lists) and of course provided an "Other" option for those with differing tastes. If you do choose "Other" please comment below this post what film you picked and why. Same goes for those who picked one on the list. I would love to hear why you deem this film the best.

I have more films to watch (as always), from 2011 specifically, before I do a blog post on my "Top 10 Films of 2011." As tradition, I also plan to do a pre-Oscar post where I consider the nominees and so forth.

Finally, it is damn-near impossible for one to see every film from a given year, so it is ridiculous for someone to have an ultimate ranking to end all lists. Still, it is fun to share what you loved the best out of what you've seen and I endorse such activities all the way home. I would like to go on record for calling 2011 the best year in films in recent memory. Certainly since 2006, but I think it's the best year I personally know of. Granted, because it is the most recent year and I know more about film than I ever have, not to mention I have seen quite a bit more than most years, my claim is unbalanced, but I claim it nonetheless.

Please vote and please comment and please enjoy the show!

J.S. Lewis


Galyn said...

I have seen three of the ones you have mentioned in your poll. I voted for The Tree of Life because it was so beautiful. It left me feeling "redeemed" and "redeem-able". The acting was amazing. It was so artistically produced.

I also loved Hugo and felt like I had been on a magical journey at it's conclusion.

Tin Tin left me in awe of how it was made to be so life-like. Looking forward to your post about the upcoming academy awards.

Trent Allgood said...

Maybe you were sticking with American films but 'A Seperation' is the best film I have seen this year, although Tree of Life was certainly amazing. I have to disagree about 2011 being the best year in film, personally I thought it was kind of lacking (as was 2009) but I still have another ~20 titles to see that have been regularly on critics top 10's so I can't quite make that judgment. '07 and '08 were great years!

J.S. Lewis said...

Yeah, the poll is mostly American films. I'm not necessarily proud of that, but that's what most people who visit my blog have likely seen.

I anticipate seeing "A Separation" as soon as it is available to me. Been hearing marvelous remarks on its behalf.

"The Tree of Life" is one of the greatest things I've seen (yet alone this year).