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  • I Melt With You / 13%
  • Knuckle* / 94%
  • London Review* / 88%
  • New Year's Eve / 7%
  • The Sitter / 22%
  • Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy* / 86%
  • We Need to Talk About Kevin* / 83%
  • Young Adult* / 77%

* = limited release


  • Cowboys & Aliens / 44%
  • The Debt / 76%
  • Design for Living CC / 50%
  • The Hangover Part II / 35%
  • The Help / 75%
  • Mr. Popper's Penguins / 47%
CC = Criterion Collection
% from Rotten Tomatoes

* * *


"Being Flynn" has nothing to do with "Tron." I love father-son relationships in films, in recent months I talked about my Top Ten. With one legendary actor (Robert De Niro) and one in the making (Paul Dano) I think we have a real contender for the company of that list. After a long absense they are reunited, the result is not one of open arms at first, but rather clenched fists. Add on the subject matter of writing (including a narrative that plays with device) and you've got a fascinating adaptation of a true story. Spring 2012 is when we'll know the rest of the story.

I'm not familiar with any of the people involved in "Inni," the second concert doc of rock band Sigur Ros. It is black and white and rather avante garde. Not sure if I like the music, but it looks to be an experimental experience. The film is directed by Vincent Morriset. If you want to see this you'll probably have to look hard for it.

A second trailer for "John Carter" has appeared on the horizon and leaves me less excited than the first. As I Tweeted earlier, "Take the Na'Vi (from 'Avatar'), make 'em green and add twice as many arms (thus, 4) and you've got 'John Carter,' more or less." Fellow blogger Scott Mendelson had an interesting read recently, "'John Carter' looks like a rip-off of the countless stories that ripped it off." This adaptation of the early sci-fi novel is directed by Andrew Stanton of Pixar. "Wall-E" was such a gem that I am going to give "John Carter" a chance regardless. March 9th is on my calender. Yours?

Somehow I missed "Journey to the Center of the Earth" (one of the first feature 3D attempts of our generation if I'm not mistaken), but now I can go on "Journey 2: The Mysterious Island"! Wait, do I want to do that? I like Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, Luis Guzman, and Michael Cain who all appear herein. It is a CGI-heavy expedition to a perilous place. Johnson, who plays the step-father of the young man from the first film, informs us that it is "a mysterious island." Venessa Hudgens (from "High School Musical" fame) tags along. Whilst their our characters ride giant bees, get chased by dinosaurs, and Johnson jiggles his man-boobs. Are you gonna take a trip to theater on February 10th or are you gonna take a trip anywhere else.

Last issue I talked up "Snow White and the Huntsman," this time I'll talk down another Snow White adaptation, "Mirror Mirror." Tarsem Singh, who brought us one of the most beautiful films in recent years, "The Fall." He just delivered "Immortals" (AKA "300 2") last month, which nobody has told me to rush out and see. You may remember my passing it off solely based on the trailer some time ago. The worst part about his new movie is its sense of humor. It didn't have me laughing, but rather shaking my head in disbelief. Julia Roberts is a talented and beautiful woman. She plays the chatty evil Queen, but something about the tone of this film is off, very off. It's a Tarsem joint, so of course the visuals are stunning, but that's not going to save the film. Oh, try counting how many establish shots we get of the evil Queen's castle. I know which "Snow White" film I'm seeing next year. Do you? The mirror reads March 16th.

Pop yer collar cowboy, I reckon it's prime time for the Trailer Round-Up Awards:


And I was really starting to think that "Jack and Jill" would easily be the worst trailer I saw this year... That was until I watched the first preview for the Farrelly Brothers' (known for "Dumb and Dumber" and "Shallow Hal") latest comedy, "The Three Stooges." The original stooges are no doubt rolling in their graves right now poking each other's eyes out. Larry, Curly, and Moe are played by Sean Hayes, Will Sasso, and Chris Diamantopoulos respectively (who, who, and who?), but there is no respect to be found anywhere. Slapstick wasn't enough for the Farrelly brothers I guess. It goes far too far and is not funny at all. Russ Fischer over at /Film summed it up best when he said, "How bad is this trailer? It made me sympathize with Snooki." Read more of his somber reaction here. Seriously, somebody poke my eyes out! What's also bewildering is Utah's own Kirby Heyborn ("The RM") makes an appearance, showing off his iPhone to the three morons. I don't want to know when this movie comes out, I just want to pray it never does.

The Head-Scratcher:

I have no idea what is going on in the trailer for "The Wicker Tree," so I suppose you could say I'm somewhat intrigued. Writer/director Robin Hardy has made this to be a companion film to his original film, "The Wicker Man," made nearly 40 years ago (not to be mistaken for the beloved remake with Nicholas Cage). There's some type of religious ritual going on. There's something freaky going around, getting the crows excited and what not. Are you? I'm not. It will be burning in select theaters on January 27th.

Lasso of the Week:

The trailer for "Pina" blew me away months ago, but I realized I've yet to feature it in The Film Tome Report. Acclaimed German filmmaker Wim Wenders (who emerged in the '60s alongside Werner Herzog as part of the New German Cinema movement), both are still making films and both oft do docs. The handheld visuals of couples (and sometimes groups) dancing are exquisitely framed, shot, and choreographed. What I'd give to experience this already gorgeous film in 3D... This is Wender's extraordinary tribute to the film's namesake, Pina Bausch, a legendary choreographer whose dying words were, "Dance, dance, or we are lost."

* * *


The Hollywood Reporter lists "11 Children's Moves with Political Agendas" (at least according to conservatives...).

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Hailee Steinfeld (who amazed plenty of us in last year's "True Grit") is going to join Asa Butterfield (who can currently amaze you as the title role in "Hugo") in the long-awaited adpatation of Orson Scott Card's sci-fi, "Ender's Game." Summit Entertainment is looking to deliver the film in March of 2013. Do you actually think it is going to happen? The Hollywood Reporter reports.

* * *


Next year's Sundance Film Festival competition lineup has been announced! Entertainment Weekly has the list and film descriptions. Start planning now what it is you want to see there. Variety also covers the premiers at Park City's festival. 

* * *


(This ties in to the list above.) Earlier this week director Edgar Wright ("Shaun of the Dead" and "Scott Pilgrim vs. the World) Tweeted, "This is the stupidest thing ever," in regards to a story on Fox that the recent "The Muppets" film has a liberal agenda and is brainwashing our children. It is pretty ridiculous.

Michael Bay will direct a fourth "Transformers" film. Vulture scavenges.

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TorrentFreak claims the MPAA costs the movie industry more than BitTorrent. (Consider the source.)

 * * *


With Scorsese's latest film ("Hugo") out, people are still talking about the interesting departure it was for him. He is most know for his gangster pics, but it may surprise you to learn most of his film are not of that genre. In fact, /Film recently had an article calling him "A Man For All Genres." It's true. He has nearly done it all. Check out this sweet infographic that takes you through his entire film career, from "Who's That Knocking on My Door?" in 1967 to "Hugo" in 2011.

Utah's own "Up House" has been sold to a couple of uber fans from California. IGN has the story. No word yet if they have plans to fly the house anywhere.

Speaking of the "Up House," here is a gingerbread version. See more pics of it on Craftster.

Speaking of gingerbread, here's an AT-AT from "Star Wars." (As seen on Boing Boing.)

Speaking of "Star Wars" sweets, here's a "Han Solo in Carbonite Chocolate Bar! (Buy yours today from! A perfect stocking stuffer for the cinephile under your roof.)

Enough "Star Wars" sweets... Gimme something bitter! How about some "Art with Salt - Yoda"?

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Remember the trailer for "Drive"? That's going to be crucial for your maximum enjoyment of the trailer for "Drive-Thru" from those silly folks at Funny or Die.

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Directed by Mathieu Ratthe

Here's a creepy little short film I found recently that I thought was so worthy a project that I showed it the students of my "Intro to Film" lab. The cinematography, sound design, and music all lend themselves to the heavy tone of this indie project.
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"The Walking Dead" had its mid-season final recently. Are you eagerly anticipating the rest of the second season? Enjoy these zombified pics of the cast from BuzzFeed in the mean time.

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Galyn said...

Wow- That Journey 2 was a little over the top and I usually like those types of movies. Mirror Mirror looks funny and less intense than the Huntsman. For lovers of Dance, Pina looks amazing.Be sure and post the trailer to Ender's Game. I'd like to see that one. Who'da thunk that about Martin Scorsese? I heard the Up house was recently sold. It is quirky and cool, but I don't think I'd want it my neighborhood. Can you imagine it in Kayenta? And lastly, WOW! What can I say about Lovefield? A short film with such a twist! Amazing I thought! MADLY!