Sunday, October 16, 2011



  • The Big Year / 40%
  • Chalet Girl* / 79%
  • Fireflies in the Garden* / 19%
  • Footloose / 72%
  • The Skin I Live In* / 81%
  • Texas Killing Fields* / 43%
  • The Thing / 33%
  • Trespass* / 14%
* = limited release


  • Beautiful Boy / 70%
  • The Four Feathers CC / 100%
  • Green Lantern / 27%
  • Horrible Bosses / 69%
  • The Tree of Life / 84%
  • Zookeeper / 13%
CC = Criterion Collection
% from Rotten Tomatoes

* * *


"If we can't protect the Earth," says Tony Stark / Iron Man (played by Robert Downey Jr.), "you can be damn sure we'll avenge it." That's right! The official trailer for "The Avengers" has landed and boy has it landed in style. Besides Iron Man we have the likes of Thor (Chris Hemsworth), Bruce Banner / the Incredible Hulk (Mark Ruffalo), Clint Barton / Hawkeye (Jeremy Renner),  Steve Rogers / Captain America (Chris Evans), Natasha Romanoff / Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson), and the ringleader, Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson)! A super ensemble, the likes of which we've never before be treated to a singular outing of this magnitude. Is it just me, or does Tony Stark seem to be the center of attention? That's probably the way it would be! The film is directed by none other than the fanboy-icon Joss Whedon. It was he who started "Firefly." All I know is car exploding down a busy metropolis steet has never looked so good! See "The Avengers" on May 4, 2012.

"Melancholia" bears the tag-line "It will change everything." Will it? Here is Lars von Trier's follow-up to "Antichirst," the film that made waves at Festival de Cannes a couple years back. This year at Cannes Kirsten Dunst took home the Best Actress award for this film. The story seems simple, if a little bizarre, she's the bride at a wedding banquet, meanwhile a planet called Melancholia is heading towards earth. Some stunning painting-esque scenes are herein. von Trier is a bit of a mad man, but often times such people are capable of brilliant art. This is the second trailer for this film that I've covered. The film is currently available on demand and hit select theaters on November 11th.

Shoe that horse and get ready to ride, I reckon it's prime time for the Trailer Round-Up Awards:

The Head-Scratcher:

I've yet to see a Pedro Almodovar film, but his work often lands on the lists of cinephile's favorite films of the year. "The Skin I Live In" is quite a unique trailer with title cards, funky music, and seemingly unrelated scenes. It doesn't try to deliver plot, rather, theme. It held my interest and has me interested. The vibrant colors and clean shots are refreshing. The plastic surgery subject matter. Films like "Time" and "Eyes Without a Face" have made some very compelling dramas that bend the mind and tense the atmosphere. "The Skin I Live In" is currently in select theaters.

Lasso of the Week:

A Spielberg Double-Feature Tie...

The second trailer for "War Horse" is even better than the first, which I gave the Lasso of the Week back in "Issue 37." There are few words in this visually arresting sampling of one horse's story during the First World War. It might be a fitting comparison to the "Forrest Gump" model. Not since "Saving Private Ryan" have we seen Spielberg work on this large of a scale. Even John Williams is behind the inspiring score! Yes, all signs point to a return by Mr. Spielberg. "War Horse" gallops to a theater near you this Christmas.

The second trailer for "The Adventures of Tintin" is also better than the first, which took Lasso of the Week back in "Issue 32." This too is a film by Steven Spielberg due this holiday. And again, the visuals are the main point of interest. Entirely motion-captured (like "The Polar Express" before it), here is a graphically feast. Spielberg has called "Lupin the Third: Castle of Caligastroto" (Hayao Miyazaki's first feature film) one of the best adventure films of all time. I don't think it is any consequence that the latest trailer reminds me of it. From the high seas to the cobblestone streets of London, we will follow the young reporter and his little white dog on a number of daring escapades! "The Adventures of Tintin" sails into theaters on December 21st, just four days before "War Horse," ironically its biggest competition.

* * *


A list of the top ten pirated films of all-times has been circulation lately. It seems somewhat fitting that the highest grossing film of all time, "Avatar," is also the most pirated. "Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End" is number ten. I will refrain from making a pirate joke. The Hollywood Reporter has the full list.

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I saw "Zookeeper."

* * *


A woman went to "Drive" because the trailer made it look like a "Fast and Furious" type of an outing. Imagine her dismay when it was not quite that way. What's more she felt the film to be anti-Semitic. Now what? Well, she's suing FilmDistrict, the film's distributor. The Hollywood Reporter has the full story. Here is JoBlo's commentary. Scott Mendelson writes on the story and adds five more misleading trailers to the conversation here. Finally, IFC on the story.

The fifth film in the "Die Hard" franchise has been confirmed and given a name. You can look for "A Good Day to Die Hard" on February 14th, 2013. What better way to celebrate Valentine's Day and what better name for a film? /Film speaks on the topic.

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