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It was almost exactly a year ago that I began AllMoPs and the "All Manner of Plugs" recommendation email. As part of that first issue, I included a segment entitled "The Film Tome Report." That portion is the only part of that weekly labor that has endured. Why? Probably because I am so passionate about film. The other segments were fun and fascinating to me, but as I said in a previous explanation, until someone finds a way to obtain 25 hours in a day (or better yet, more!), I simply don't have the time. In any case, "The Film Tome Report" is not going anywhere and I am proud to present this 1-year anniversary issue.

As with the wonderful banner for The Film Tome (seen at the top of my blog), I must thank my dear sister, Mandy, for crafting a logo for "The Film Tome Report" (seen at the top of this post). It is now the image you can associate with all future issues from this point onward.

The past two weeks have been busier than usual for me and were void of issues for "The Film Tome Report." I could have made time to get them together, but alas, I did not. I am doing my best to make this issue, and hopefully all that follow, the best they can be. This includes a revival of the beloved segment (well, at least beloved by me) Keepin' it Short and ensuring all the ones that have been around feature enough content to satisfy. You may have noticed that The Good, The Bad, And the Weird (along with Or the Cool) have sometimes been MIA in previous issues. That was either due to lack of finding or lack of time. By working on the issue earlier and over several days (instead of one crammed session on one day) I believe "The Film Tome Report" will be able to report on each area and provide readers with plenty of material. Please comment below if you have any thoughts, questions, or concerns. Thank you and as always, enjoy the issue!

-J.S. Lewis 


  • Brighton Rock* / 57%
  • Circumstance* / 63%
  • Colombiana
  • Don't Be Afraid of the Dark / 67%
  • Our Idiot Brother / 90%
* = limited release


  • The Beaver / 62%
  • Henry's Crime / 40%
  • POM Wonderful Presents: The Greatest Movie Ever Sold / 70%
  • Secret Sunshine CC / 93%
  • TrollHunter / 79%
  • Win Win / 94%
CC = Criterion Collection
% from Rotten Tomatoes

* * *


*Sure, I'm only covering two trailers this issue, but I still managed to fit them into their respective award categories. :)

The Head-Scratcher:

Aliens are the new vampires, which were the new zombies (though I guess there is still plenty of each that have recently appeared on the horizon). Film equation time: "Cloverfield" - "found footage" element % Spielberg's "War of the Worlds" + Moscow = "The Darkest Hour." This invasion flick comes to us from director Chris Gorak who's "Wanted" looked pretty cool, but I never got around to seeing. The trailer for "The Darkest Hour" has some cool visuals, especially the "turning into dust effect" (which was pretty remarkable in the aforementioned "War of the Worlds") that the victims endure. What is most exceptional about this movie is the aliens. All we seem to see of them is this lightning-esque matter. However, over at /Film it appears there is more than might meet the eye at first glance. See for yourself on December 23rd.

Toss of the Week:

From director Nicolas Winding Refn ("Bronson" and the "Pusher" trilogy) comes "Drive." Ryan Gosling plays a stunt driver for the movies by day and a getaway driver for L.A. crooks by night; he seems to be good at what he does. Carey Mulligan, who is one of the fasting rising stars right now, plays his love interest. No doubt things will get complicated when she learns what he does for work (day and night). Albert Brooks plays the villain with dirty hands, Ron Perlman plays his thug. This trailer promises some insane car chases and a sense of style that Refn is known for. He won best director at Festival de Cannes earlier this year for this very film. Fasten your seatbelt, this one is driving into theaters on September 16th. 

* * *


Christy Lemire, a writer for the Associated Press and one of the hosts of Ebert Presents, shares her "Top 5 Harrison Ford Performances." I have been ranting and raving over Ford's recent portrayal of Woodrow Dolarhyde in "Cowboys & Aliens." While Lemire's list does not include either of the man's most iconic roles (Indiana Jones and Han Solo - do you think either should've?), it does serve as a good reminder of films some of us need to check out. I for one still haven't seen "The Mosquito Coast," all of "Witness" or "Working Girl," and would be wise to revisit Ridley Scott's much-acclaimed "Blade Runner."

In honor of "The Change-Up" (though it probably doesn't deserve much), which is currently in theaters, Rotten Tomatoes published their "Top 10 Body Switching Movies" in a one of their Total Recall segments. The list includes one film that has a whomping 0% on the Tomatometer. Garnering no love from any critics, that's quite a feat. We've seen a couple of great ones as of late ("Avatar" and "Source Code"), but they also dive into cinema's past for some of their other choices. What was that Disney channel film about the two opposite sisters who switch places? Something like "Wish Upon A Star"... Can you think of any other body swaps? Oh, look what I just found on CNN Entertainment, "Gallery: Best of the Body-Swap Movies." And what do you know, "Wish Upon a Star" makes their list!

* * *


The LA Times reported that Leonardo DiCaprio, who already has a pretty full slate with at least three upcoming films, might star in the Western, "The Creed of Violence." Leo is also slated to be onboard for Tarantino's upcoming Western (which many are calling a Southern) wherein he plays the notorious Calvin Candie. Fun fact: Leo played Kid in Sam Raimi's Western, "The Quick and the Dead."

* * *


Prepare to feel my bias! Werner Herzog's new documentary, "Into the Abyss," has recently released some photos and videos. Click over to /Film to see the pictures and video clips. This film takes us into death row where Herzog interviews inmates convicted of some pretty heinous crimes. What's more, he takes us into the homes of their families and their victims. "Into the Abyss" will premier at the Toronto International Film Festival next month, where Herzog first screened his excellent "Cave of Forgotten Dreams" last year (let's hope it all goes without a snag this time).

* * *


Earlier today the Rolling Stone posted a video of their team's outspoken film critic, Peter Travers. The man has a new rant for his "*** You Hollywood" segment, this one entitled, "Too Many Awful Movies." In short, he tells certain Hollywood studios (i.e. those behind "Spy Kids 4D," "Conan the Barbarian," and "One Day") that the reason their movies didn't rake in the anticipated dough this last weekend was because their movies sucked.

In Issue 39 of "The film Tome Report" I was delighted to share the recent casting news for the upcoming Gore Verbinski and Johnny Depp Western, "The Lone Ranger." However, earlier this month we learned that Disney decided to shut the project down. Word on that street is that with the likes of "John Carter" (a $250 million project) and "Oz the Great and Powerful" (the upcoming "Wizard of Oz" prequel that can't be cheap) left Disney's money pool rather dry. There have been reports that Verbinski, producer Jerry Bruckhiemer, and team requested over $200 million for the project. Has there ever been a Western that cost that much to make? It is very surprising they wanted that much for it, but unfortunate Disney vetoed the project. I was even going to start watching the original series (the entire first season is currently available on Netflix Instant if I ain't mistook) in anticipation and preparation for the blockbuster film. Here is the Hollywood Reporter's coverage of the somber news.

* * *


Here's a pretty lame news story, but proves the old adage that there are indeed two sides to every tale. A man pulls his cell phone out during a movie at the theater. The woman makes taps/shoves (depending on which side you believe) the man and asks/tells (again) him to put his phone away. The man runs out of the theater and gets someone to call the cops. The woman is fined $260. JoBlo has more details, a commentary, and additional links

 * * *


First image for "Man of Steel," the Zack Snyder-directed reboot of the Superman series has been released. Germain Lussier over at /Film discusses this official image release versus all the not-so-official image releases that "The Dark Knight Rises" has been experiencing. I think the image looks pretty awesome. Snyder's films have always borne a stylish aesthetic, almost as if he has studied the way to make things look cool, and it certainly shows here. I've yet to see any "Superman" movies, even though I tried watching the original just last month (yeah, I guess I need to try harder). If you had to decide to see a film based on one image, I would definitely choose to see this one.

Guess what! Now there has been an officially released image for "The Dark Knight Rises." This time we get a first glimpse of Catwoman as played by Anne Hathaway. There is some speculation as to whether that photo is Hathaway herself or her stunt double, read JoBlo for more.

A "Classics From the Vault" special on Ebert Presents this past weekend takes us into of "Siskel and Ebert at the Movies." In this informative feature we join world's most famous film critic duo and learn what it is like for them to see a movie (albeit, what it was like for critics in the '80s). Please enjoy "Going to Movies with a Critic."

* * *


I recently saw caught this charmingly morbid short at a film festival for the Santa Monica Stake of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I helped out some with the preparations and cleaning up of the event. There was a great spread of shorts shown there. One of my favorites was "Amore Morto." Enjoy!

* * *


Maybe Westerns really are coming back? (Then again, look at what I just discussed above in The Bad...). In an earlier issue I covered the trailer for the upcoming Western series for AMC, "Hell on Wheels." I can ensure you that it has a very promising pilot that went far beyond my expectations and delivered more than enough substance for someone hungry for new Western servings. (It is scheduled to premier on November 6th). Last week, Entertainment Weekly informed us Bruce C. McKenna, the man who penned the scripts for "Band of Brothers" and "The Pacific" (two World War II series that I've heard excellent things about, but have yet to catch up with) is developing a Western for TNT called "Gateway." Here is the synopsis provided: "'Gateway' is about an action/adventure set in a town of the same name in Colorado in the 1880s. The story chronicles three brothers who step up to save their town when their sheriff father is murdered, pitting them against a corrupt cattle baron determined to make the town his own." Can you say, "Yeehaw!"?

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