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Hooray for monkeys! Among this year's bounty of sequels is "The Hangover Part II." I have not seen the hijinks the dynamic trio (Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms, and Zach Galifianakis) got themselves into at Vegas, but this time around the morning after is set in Thailand. It passes out in theaters on May 26th (Memorial Day) if you are into this sort of flick.

(I like this photo... It also looks like it could be called "The Hangover Part II.") What is there to say about "Mr. Popper's Penguins"? We have seen the incomparable Jim Carrey living with wild animals in his apartment before in "Ace Ventura: Pet Detective." Will it be as interesting this time around with just one type of animal? The penguins themselves looked pretty real up until the dance sequence (what is it with dancing penguins!?). It was not until that moment when the thought of whether these were real penguins or not actually crossed my mind. It is based on the children's book of the same name. You can waddle your way to the theater on June 17th.

It is great to see Tom Hanks back in a comedic role. He really is one of the most endearing American male presences onscreen. Truly everyone likes the man. Hanks plays the title role in "Larry Crowne," the story of a middle-aged man who is fired from his job and realizes he needs a college education. He begins attending classes and garners the likes of Julia Roberts as a teacher. Nobody needs to tell you the rest, though the trailer pretty much will. It looks and sounds like a more realistic telling of "Billy Madison." Look for Hanks and company July 1st.

Over the weekend several minutes of the upcoming CGI-fest "The Green Lantern" were unveiled at WonderCon (an annual comic, sci-fi, and film convention held in the Bay Area). Luckily, an abridged version has already been made available on the interwebs. For all extents and purposes, this is simply an elongated trailer (refreshingly free of narration and title cards). This looks to be the most CG-heavy film this side of "Avatar." Naturally, the visuals are stunning. It begs repeating that I am a stranger to comics and could not tell you what this story entails, other than than the quick origin explanation clearly presented in this portion. JoBlo has shared some thoughts on the footage. It is shaping up to be quite the year for superhero flicks. In particular, "The Green Lantern" crash lands at your nearest multiplex on June 17.

Toss of the Week: "Beautiful Boy" looks to be a beautiful film. Have you ever wondered what the parents of gunmen, responsible for school shootings, go through after the tragedy? The accusations (from each other, from others), the media, the heartache. Such is this case with this film. "Beautiful Boy" takes us by the hand and into the home where a struggling couple need healing ever so badly. Michael Sheen and Maria Bello star in demanding roles as the parents. Demanding roles... for actors and parents alike. I am reminded of last year's "Rabbit Hole," which also deals with a married couple struggling over the loss of their son, which I still need to see. This will be in select theaters come June.

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TIME presents a delivery of "The Top 5 Underrated Sci-Fi Masterpieces." I stand behind their top choice, which has boggled my mind since I first saw it. So, see it.

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Last week I shed some light on Pixar's 13th feature film, now it is time to cover their 14th. As many fans have heard, Pixar is doing "Monster Inc. 2." Well, not exactly. "Monster University" (as it shall be called) is actually going to be a prequel! I for one am thrilled at this choice. I felt "Monster's Inc." had the quintessential happy ending - it is among my favorite works of Pixar. JoBlo reports. An update today from The Hollywood Reporter revealed that "Monster University" has been pushed back to June 21, 2013. More curious is that Disney (the non-Pixar sector) will be releasing their new animate feature, "Reboot Ralph" on November 2, 2012. gamesradar shared that it is about a dated video game character trying to make a comeback. My interest is piqued!

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Will Smith and real-life son, Jaden, captured and squeezed our hearts with "The Pursuit of Happyness." Now, the two are teaming up for a second time to star in... a sci-fi film directed by... M. Night Shyamalan. Having seen all of Shyamalan's recent work, I (and everyone else) am a little worried. His last four films have been garnering much hate ("The Village," "Lady in the Water," "The Happening," and "The Last Airbender"). I actually do not hate any of them, but still scratch my head over some choices made in the latter two. Even I, an all-around fanboy and open-apologist for Shyamalan, was disappointed by what he's been bringing to the cinematic table as of late. While many have given up on him, I have hope that he will rise again. The Smith boys are exceptional actors, Shyamalan has been an exceptional writer/director, this could be an exceptional film. See JoBlo for more details.

Arnold Schwarzenegger (geez, I have never actually had to spell that before) is "The Governator." No, really. The former-governor/former-actor himself is behind the new animated TV show, comic book and feature film for "The Governator." There are plans to breach all three of those mediums... Deadline has the article and trailer. It looks possibly egregious and my sources conclude that this is no April fooling.

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Science-fiction author Philip K. Dick has penned several novels and short stories that were later adapted into films such as "Blade Runner," "Minority Report," "A Scanner Darkly," and most recently, "The Adjustment Bureau." Having seen a few of them myself, I must admit PKD's knack for conceptual brilliance. TIME will tell in this brief video special.

Pete Doctor from Pixar (director of "Monster's Inc." and "Up") talks about his inspirations for "Up" and more in this special "Origins" video from TIME.

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Galyn said...

I actually think I would like Mr. Popper's Penguins. And Larry Crowne looks good too. Thanks for keeping me in the loop. The only one of these I had ever heard about was The Green Lantern, and I'm not much into comic book hero movies. I wish M. Nigh Shyamalan the best with his next movie.

Tara said...

I got bored watching "The Green Lantern" trailer... Not a good sign. Probably won't be checking that one out.

And yes, I echo Mutti's sentiments. Best of luck to Mr. Shyamalan. He needs it! (I loved Will and Jaden in "Pursuit of Happiness"... One of my favorite movies of all time.)