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Adrien Brody has been making some interesting project choices lately (what with "Splice" and "Predators"). "Wrecked" is another one I wouldn't have seen coming. This "Memento"-esque thriller is independently made and also looks to largely be centered on one man. After recently (and finally) beholding the tour de force that is "The Pianist," I will be among the last to doubt Brody's abilities. There are a couple of shots in this trailer that hooked me up with some unintended chuckles. "Wrecked" receives a limited release come April 1st.

Folk were calling "Battle L.A." the downfall of cinema?! Now, I haven't seen that latest alien invasion flick yet, but I highly doubt it is worse than any number of comedies that have emerged over the past few years ("Date Night," I'm talking to you). As Mr. Movie Trailer Guy says, "This summer our turf is getting Smurf'd." Damn... "The Smurfs" looks heinous. My final statement may speak the loudest: I would rather watch "Yogi Bear."

Well, at least the trailer for "The Collector" is unique. We learn a little bit about this Jess character, but I'm not too sure I'm interested. Possible pass for this indy outing.

"Snow Flower and the Secret Fan" is beautifully shot. Unfortunately, this trailer is marred by the narration. If ever you needed proof of the taint of Mr. Movie Trailer Guy, here it is. Let us ignore that and ponder the story of friendship through the ages at work herein. This is about two Chinese women and seems to offer a glimpse into their culture both now and in the 19th-century as lived by their ancestors.

I couldn't pick a better tag-line than "It's not always black and white" for the likes of "The Bang Bang Club." As my father often observes, life is grey. This true story follows four combat photographers in South Africa, the plentiful civil unrest is seen through the eyes (or lenses rather). Though "City of God" and "Born Into Brothels" come to mind, I can't say I have seen anything quite like this. Not for the faint of heart I'd say.

Toss of the Week: Werner Herzog is my all-time favorite director. Not once have I been bored by anything he has chosen to show me. "Cave of Forgotten Dreams" will surely follow suite. I learned about France's Chauvet Cave in my Art History class last semester. It houses the oldest manmade drawings we've yet to find (over 30,000 years old). On top of that, access into cave is restricted to say the least. Herzog as always used the camera as a paintbrush and now, for the first time, in 3D.

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This is an important article courtesy of Cracked: "5 Hollywood Secrets That Explain Why So Many Movies Suck." Sure, Hollywood is responsible for some of the best films ever made, but they are also the projectors of some of the worst (especially in these days). Ultimately, the public at large is equally to blame because we keep eating the garbage they feed us. We must remember that the film industry is a business. What sales is what is made.

Another amusing insight from Cracked"8 Actors Who Look Exactly the Same on Every Movie Poster."

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I love it when all I have is good film news to share:

Today production has officially begun on "The Hobbit"! Fanboys cheer! Two production stills were released of director Peter Jackson on the Bag End set (above and via the link). Check out "The Hobbit" on Facebook and the Peter Jackson page too. Read more @ /Film.

After an interview with director Matt Reeves, Total Film has revealed that "Cloverfield 2" is still a go! I found the original to be one of the most refreshing films of the decade and among the best faux-docs ever produced. Reeves's latest project, "Let Me In" was only okay and probably should have never been made. After all, it was as unnecessary remake of the Swedish gem, "Let the Right One In." Reeves stated, "Well, you are going to see it - we just don't know when." He went on to say, "J.J. Abrams is very much involved." And that's all I needed to hear. It was also shared they are working hard on the story, which impressed me.

Have you read "The Hunger Games"? Lionsgate has the film rights and we can expect the first film on March 23, 2012. I rather enjoyed the first book and it seems I will have plenty of time to read the sequels before their cinematic counterparts emerge. Last week The Wrap announced that Jennifer Lawrence was offered and accepted the lead role of Catniss. Lawrence proved her acting chops in last year's sleeper hit, "Winter's Bone." She was even nominated for an Oscar. Gary Ross, who directed "Seabiscuit," is not an obvious choice for director, but that is who's attached. All these ranging elements should make for interesting production.

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*Nothing I deemed worth having "The Bad" or "The Weird" for this week, but why not a place for anything random yet sweet?

I have been asked a few times, "Do you know of any movies that mention the movie's title in the movie?" Well, you can hear/see 80 such cases in just 2 minutes here. Way to go honsco!

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*I obviously favor film over TV shows, but the latter certainly deserves a place for plugs too. That is what TV TOO will henceforth do. For the record, I do not have any immediate plans of constructing a blog for The TV Tome. The ideal will be someday I have one website with several sections, "TV Shows" will likely be one of them.

As if all the film reboots were not enough, have you heard the 1970s television series "Wonder Woman" is also being remade? I know little to nothing about "Wonder Woman," so I do not have a lot to say. Check out the Entertainment Weekly article, the highlight being an exclusive photo of the Wonder Woman in her new get-up as played by Adrianne Palicki (who?). Interestingly enough, her new costume is more modest than the original. Whenever it is done, the pilot will premier on NBC. Also, Cary Elwes (better known as Wesley from "The Princess Bride") will be playing a role.

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Galyn said...

Do you think the Snow Flower one is about reincarnation? It looks like some beautiful shots. What is it going to be rated?

I took a look at Cave of Forgotten Dreams since I've ventured into a few caves myself. Looks interesting.

I'm sure many fans will flock to see Hunger Games.

I wouldn't call Wonder Woman's body-hugging paint "pants" but it looks interesting. I did watch it back in the 70's from time to time, but I was a bigger fan of the Bionic Woman. Memories....

Bryson and Tara said...

Huh... I don't know what I think about the girl playing Katniss. She doesn't look the part at all to me. I also wonder how they're going to stay true to the book without making this a rated-R movie... Interesting.

J.S. Lewis said...

Bryson and Tara (because I do not know which),

Miss Lawrence may not look the part, but she is an exceptional actress. Case in point: She'll have to slim down for the part no doubt (most would). Still, I cannot help think how wonderful Hailee Steinfeld (of "True Grit") would have been.

As much as I despise considering films based on their MPAA rating, I am certain "The Hunger Games" will be PG-13. They managed to get "The Lord of the Rings" and "Harry Potter" that way, both of which are considerably dark and violent. Big budget films with wide appeal (especially a younger target audience) are rarely, if ever, rated R.