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Earlier this year I put the UFO spotlight on two alien films. "Skyline" just came out and is only fairing so-so at the box office. Not sure if "Monsters" is going to get a wide release. Well, TWO MORE alien films are now landing! "Seres: Genesis" is a Mexican invasion film. It looks disturbingly cool. "Battle: Los Angeles," Hollywood's entry, looks just plain cool. (Count how many times we see a spacecraft zoom by overhead.) This film further proves at least one thing: If you need a macho female marine you have to cast Michelle Rodriguez (of "Lost" fame).

"All Good Things" come to an end? Starts off quite chill, but gets quite intense. Again, a reveal I wished I didn't know until I was in the theater. Regardless, this one looks quite effective. Hooray for the under appreciated and largely unknown Philip Baker Hall (he's seen in the trailer for a split second).

"Season of the Witch" is a pleasant surprise. From what I could dig up, this is an original IP and I consider that absolutely marvelous. Hollywood is becoming infamous for its remakes (Their thinking is such: "If it was made here over 25 years ago, it needs an update. If it was made in another country last year and was any good, it needs an American version so we don't have to read subtitles.") and franchises (Their thinking is such: "If the first was any good and made bank, make another."), so it is like unto seeing sunlight through darkening clouds when a novel idea comes around. Besides that, it's a little known fact that I am a sucker for the medieval-era fantasy flings. A CGI bombast to be sure, but I have high hopes for this one. Oh yeah, this stars Nick Cage.

More olden-timed drama and warfare for my queue! "The Eagle" is yet another example of how key plot twists are so often spoiled in trailers (see "All Good Things"). Still, looks like nothing narratively innovative here. A plus for some good-looking battle scenes.

Is this a documentary? That I even have to seriously ask is a huge measure of success for "You Won't Miss Me." Naturalistic filmmaking has always had a lasting effect on me. Perhaps it will on you too. Taking a stab at real life and aiming to touch each of us
in one way or another... these types of projects are bold.

"Kung Fu Panda 2" of course. It even sounds great! I was amazed when the ending credits began to roll on the first "Kung Fu Panda." Amazed that I finally finished watching it after several attempts. Amazed how much I genuinely liked an American, non-Pixar, CG-animated feature film. And amazed at the celebrity ensemble involved for delivering the voices. Jack Black was certainly clear, but I had no idea the likes of Dustin Hoffman, Angelina Jolie, Jackie Chan and Seth Rogen. Sure, it's fun, but not at all necessary. I can't help but think how much of the budget was spent on voices of the famous. Anyways, I'm all for another fun-filled adventure with Po and the gang (what grand action scenes the first one had!).

"The Way Back" is the latest from one of the greatest, Peter Weir. Another POW-escape adventure! (I highly recommend Herzog's "Rescue Dawn.") It seems we've struck a definite theme of "trailers that give away the story" today. Y'know, I think most are like that... I'm just particularly sensitive to the offense today. In truth, I stopped watching this one just over halfway through because I didn't want to know any more. I look forward to seeing this one!

Another trailer for "Little Fockers" has emerged. Notice the lack of a link. Notice my disapproval. Robert De Niro and Dustin Hoffman are amazing actors, but this is an insult to them. "Meet the Parents" was good enough, but should not have received any return (especially not a second time).

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